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New Saveiro reaches the market fully renovated with Space Cab option

Saveiro Trooper (Space Cab)

Press Release google translated from Portuguese

In a year with many new features, the New Saveiro is one of the most important release of Volkswagen of Brazil. Besides being an entirely new vehicle, the pickup comes with the novelty of the extended cab option that should attract a greater number of consumers, for its versatility.

Entirely renovated, with attractive design, excellent versatility and robustness, a new member of the line Volkswagen is able to meet fully the requirements of a commercial application, and the expectations of those seeking an ideal vehicle for recreation.

According to Thomas Schmall, president of Volkswagen Brazil, with New Saveiro a mark gives an extremely important step to increase its participation in the compact pickup segment and further strengthen its market position: "We are sure that we deliver to consumers better and more attractive pickup in its segment. "

The main concern was the Volkswagen needs and wishes of consumers in four clinics conducted before and during project execution. The result is a vehicle above all practical and dynamic appearance, while maintaining the brand identity.

A Nova Saveiro shares with Gol and Voyage engine EA-111 1.6 VHT MQ200 and transmission components, efficiency proven by customers of the two models. The pickup is available in two versions: New Saveiro 1.6, ideal for consumers seeking a vehicle for day-to-day and New Saveiro 1.6 Trooper, perfect for consumers with a more sporty and likes exclusivity. The first version can also be equipped with the Trend package, which includes a series of options aimed at the public that visual search and specialty items.

Both versions have wheelbase 152 mm longer than that of the Gol and Voyage. Simultaneously, the gauges also rose 47 mm front and 108 mm in the rear axle. The expansion of these dimensions allowed the increase of load capacity, greater stability and expansion of interior space. These features have led to the development of an entirely new design.

Both the extended version as a simple cabin, the body of New Saveiro was developed to provide the driver and passenger an excellent level of comfort. Besides the large availability of space, ease of access through wide doors and with three degrees of openness are the results of this concern. An important detail is the new guard with rear sliding window, which aligns with the same surface when closed, an innovation inspired by modern European vans.

Very important for performance and economy, aerodynamics deserved special attention, involving virtual environment studies and wind tunnel. A Nova Saveiro has the lowest drag coefficients in the category: Cx = 0.359 for the extended cab and Cx = 0.378 in the cabin simple.

Among many other firsts in the segment, the New Saveiro has an innovative system for opening the lid of the bucket. To reduce stress and avoid accidents, was installed a damper that smooths the movement of the lid.

The tire is placed under the body, increasing the available space in the cabin. It can only be accessed when the lid of the bucket, which has key in all versions, is open. The pickup also has parking sensors in rear bumper, another novelty in the category.

The development of New Saveiro demanded thousands of hours of research and development, including wider use of virtual simulation (using the new Virtual Reality Center of Volkswagen, unique in Latin America), destructive testing, durability testing and staff training. Shooting tests, performed in streets and roads and test tracks of Brazil and Germany, totaled no less than 1.3 million miles.

The main advantages of New Saveiro:
• Reduced front overhang (-26mm): the best ratio
vehicle, better load distribution
• Increased height of the door opening (+32 mm): better
• Maximum height (+58 mm): best proportion of vehicle
• Largest area of head height (+8 mm): more comfort for driver and passenger
• Higher position of the occupant (+ 28.8 mm): better
perception of the external environment, better drivability
and comfort in accessing the interior of the vehicle
• Greater wheelbase (152mm +): better load distribution,
more stability and better performance
. Extended cab version: more comfort, more space
internal possibility of accommodation in the cabin load
• Lower back swing (-84mm): better distribution
load better proportion and greater vehicle stability
• Increased rear ramp angle (+2.8 ยบ): more mobility,
better condition location
• Greater gauge front and rear (+47 mm and +108 mm): higher
stability, greater distance between the boxes on wheels
bucket (higher volume of cargo)
• Increased length and height of bucket (+18 mm and
+ 57mm): higher volume and better accommodation of cargo
• Greater elbow space (+10 mm) for greater comfort
driver and passenger.

Saveiro Trooper

Saveiro 1.6 Trend

Saveiro 1.6 (Space Cab)

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