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VW Brazil Launches the Voyage

VW Brazil President Thomas Schmall at the Voyage launch in Florianópolis, Brazil.

VW Brazil is launching the new Voyage sedan based on parts of the current Polo and next years 2009 Polo.

The Voyage has huge market potential in emerging markets (especially China) to become a sales leader in its segment.

So far the Voyage is only confirmed for the South American market but variants could sprawn under other VW Group brands.

Below is the Official Press Release translated via google.

Volkswagen Brazil is launching the Voyage, a completely new sedan which marks the entrance to mark one of the most important segments of the market today: the three volumes of cars with 1.0 litre engine option. The Voyage is a spacious car, versatile, comfortable and accessible, which was designed from the outset as a real sedan, and not as a model derived from the Hatch version.

Conceived, designed and developed both the New Gol, the Voyage offers the same technological innovations, engineering solutions and excellent driveability Hatch. The car displays lines and harmonious proportions, which give the sedan a touch of refinement, sports and originality.

The model is available in four versions of finish: 1.0 Voyage, Voyage 1.6, and Trend 1.6 Voyage Voyage 1.6 Comfortline, all with four doors. It comes equipped with engines VHT (Volkswagen High Torque) 1.0 and 1.6 litres, installed in the cross position, which provide excellent performance and low power consumption, with high torque even at low rotation.

The VHT 1.0 is the engine for greater torque in the category: 10.6 kgfm (104 Nm) with alcohol and 9.7 kgfm (95 Nm) with gasoline, to 3850 rpm. The maximum output of 76 hp (alcohol) and 72 bhp (petrol), is achieved at only 5250 rpm and is also high ahead of the competition. Already the maximum torque of the motor VHT 1.6 is 15.6 kgfm (153 Nm) with alcohol and 15.4 kgfm (151 Nm) with petrol, to 2,500 rpm. The maximum power, reached the 5250 rpm, is of 104 hp (alcohol) and 101 bhp (petrol).

In the development of Voyage, engineers have committed themselves to provide the model for excellent performance and driveability of New Gol. To do so, the elements of the rear suspension and brakes were recalculated receberema new calibration and performance ratio of front-rear.

The Voyage is the trunk of the most well designed category, with a capacity of 480 litres, coating and carpet in light of courtesy. He is also the only segment to offer the convenience of an electric mechanism to unlock the full automatic back cover, which can be triggered by a key or a button on the dashboard. It is a system unique, patented by Volkswagen of Brazil.

Designed to take low cost of repair in case of collision and low price of insurance, Voyage the index returned 14 in the CAR Group (Cesvi Automotive Rating), which is among the best in the category. According to the indicator of the Centre for Experimentation and Road Maintenance Security, the model has characteristics that tend to make your repair easier, faster and cheaper. In addition, the Voyage offers the new engine immobilizer Property 4, which makes the theft virtually impossible, and has locks on the doors encapsulated and protected - if forced, the barrel of the key turns into false.

Excellent value for money

The Voyage is the sedan that offers the most comprehensive list of options for its segment, including items for safety, style, comfort and technology. In all versions, you may opt for ABS brakes, front airbags, air-conditioning, radio / CD player with Bluetooth and USB input, I-System and relatively back seat, among other items.

With all its features, the kit provides an excellent value for money. In that sense, the versions equipped with 1.6 engines will have the same position that the price of competing models equipped with 1.4 engines, providing the same fuel economy, with more power and torque.

In terms of profile, the buyer's Voyage can be classified as a "wise consumer," who acts with rationality and that while already looking for a certain status. At clinics held by the company, consumers highlighted as key attributes of the model excellent position to drive, flexibility and functionality of internal space, comfort and design.

The Voyage is produced in the same production line of New Gol, the unit of Taubate, inside Sao Paulo. To receive the two products, the factory was expanded and modernized, with the deployment of 308 new robots. Among the technological innovations, the most prominent is the System Frame of the body frame, with a laser sensor, which locates and solders sides and roof to floor of the vehicle. Patented by Volkswagen Group, the system ensures the Voyage and the New Gol adjustments with precision of tenths of a millimetre.


The harmony of shapes, lines and proportions of the Voyage - unique in its class - is explained by the fact that the model was designed as an authentic brand of sedan. The model has also been planned and developed alongside New Gol. According to the manager of Design & Package of Volkswagen do Brazil, Gerson Barone, "studied from the outset the various possibilities of the new derivatives platform."

The result is the creation of a "sedan in the right measure, with the trunk in the right measure, without excesses." The design of the Voyage can be noticed through the elegance and the perfection of all, as far as the car was thought as a whole.

The external design of the front of the Voyage express the same "relied on air" and the same sport of New Gol. But the lines very long and horizontalise side of the model give it an extra touch of class, refinement and originality.

In the rear, the designers sought to give the model a large and visually look stable, highlighting the elegance and strength of the forms. The lid of the trunk in the shape of "V" incorporates the logo of Volkswagen "floating" centre. The rear lamps, rectangular and protruding follow the same concept of New Gol.

"In the design of the Voyage, there is nothing random or adapted from another car. All lines have harmony and interconnectivity between them, whatever the angle of view. The car attributes as expressed perfect, comfort and elegance in the smallest detail, "Barone highlights.

The model will be offered in solid colours white and black Ninja Cristal; in Light silver metallic, gray and gray stone Vulcan, and the pearl beige Gold. Besides them, is also available to the consumer launch of the colour Red Apple.

Inside, colours and materials emphasize exclusive luxury, comfort and aconhego

The interior of the Voyage has its own characteristics, even using the optimal solutions for design of internal space and ergonomics of New Gol. Displays in the interior colours, fabrics and materials that are "hot", also with a unique and excellent finishing, with a focus mainly on the comfort of the passenger compartment.

The panel of the 1.0 version and 1.6 litres have the central frame of colour "Edelstahl," the German word that means stainless steel. The same exclusive colour - a kind of "warm gray" - is also applied to doorknobs internal doors, rims the output of air and coping, control buttons of ventilation and the cluster of instruments. But the banks are in "loom Crepe" of colour "Anthracite / Fendy" with details on "Jacquard loom Satisfaction" in the seat and backrest, and "vinyl Bison Neu" on the back and sides.

The Voyage Trend offers a panel frame in the same "Edelstahl", but finishing with details of internal (internal doorknobs, rings, buttons, etc.) in "Chrome silky" and clustered with black. The banks are also similar, with details on "Jacquard loom Satisfaction" and the use of tissue "loom Crepe Anthracite" also on the sides and in the rear instead of vinyl. The version also features differential as the fabric "loom Crepe" in the lining of doors.

A more sophisticated version of the model, the Voyage Comfortline, differentiates itself from the others by bringing materials, colours and details of finishing exclusive. The island's central panel is the colour "Warm Gray" (hot ash), following the trend of luxury car brand. The details as internal doorknobs, rings and buttons are finished in "Chrome glossy." Banks have decorative stitching and the central belt in "Pride Jacquard loom" of colour "Anthracite / Fendy", and bolsters and apply fabric in "America Warm Gray." The back and sides of the seats and doors are coated with the same colour knitting in "Anthracite".

"While the interior of New Gol highlights of the sports model, with cooler colours, the interior of the Voyage has focused on refinement and comfort, with warmer colours," explains the designer Norbert Schoeberl, a specialist in Colour & Trim. According to him, and that the two models have in common is the use of materials of high quality, good looks and pleasant to the touch.


With a capacity of 480 litres, the trunk of the Voyage is among the largest in the segment and has the ideal size in its class. Meet the transport needs of families on both of Transporters. Versatile and innovative, the trunk of the model is the only segment that offers the unique electrical system to unlock with automatic opening of the back cover, triggered by remote control in key or a button on the dashboard.

According to Antonio Carnielli Junior, manager-executive Vehicle Development of Volkswagen do Brazil, it is a unique mechanism, which was developed and patented by Volkswagen of Brazil. "The purpose of this device is to provide comfort and convenience to the user that is, for example, with his hands occupied by bags of shopping. After being unlocked, the cap moves up and stops completely in the open position smoothly. Something unique in its category. "

The coverage of the luggage compartment is all carpeted and comes with crates for built-in speaker. The body in this region is now also prepared to receive your speakers without the need for further hurricanes, both series of items.

In addition, the trunk of the Voyage also stands out in its segment to be fully coated in carpet, by providing lighting as the item number and allow for the optional use of "net charge", a network of fabric that makes the retention of secure cargo near the floor.

Even as differential, the trunk of the Voyage is the most flexible category. It can be accessed from the carrier - the 50/50 rear seat is optional extra on all versions - and can also be extended by hitting the back seat in all versions.

The closing of the lid is achieved through an integrated handle the sealing of internal back cover - item in the series Voyage - without the need to support their hands on the external surface of the car, providing more convenience for the customer.

The hinges of the lid of the trunk has a distance of 954 mm between them, while the space between the wheels of the boxes of luggage compartment is 855 mm, thus avoiding damage to bags and other objects carried.


The buyer's Voyage is defined by Volkswagen of Brazil as a "wise consumer," who acts with rationality in their choices, highlighting attributes such as functionality and cost-effective. It is also someone who starts to be "guided by the picture" and already looking at the same time, gain a certain status through their consumption habits.

"It's a consumer who already managed to buy his first car 0 km, a model Hatch, and now, in exchange for the product, wants buy a bigger vehicle," explains Fabricio Biondo, Manager-Marketing Planning Executive of Volkswagen of Brazil . This client, a wise consumer will be attracted by the excellent price of the Voyage and also for the many qualities of the model.

In the four carried out with consumers, features more praised by men and women were the beauty, the great finishing, the position of directing, and above all the comforts. In comparison with competitors, customers highlighted the "great internal space," pointing up in the above head height, the distance between the seat and knees and the width of the rear seat.

And this perception of space is directly related to the dimensions of the Voyage, which are highlighted in the segment. The model offers space for the front legs of 1048 mm, rear space for the knees of 14 mm, space front for the head of 986 mm, rear space for the head of 948 mm, front room for elbows of 1375 mm and rear space for the elbows of 1369 mm.

Settling of structural rigidities SUSPENSION AND MAKE AN EXCELLENT driveability

The Voyage was developed with the best technology worldwide, in just two and a half years. As the New Gol, the model was designed in virtual reality, tested in the wind tunnel and led to extreme conditions in the fields of evidence of Volkswagen around the world. Along with his "brother", the car travelled a strict routine testing for quality and durability tests until its final configuration.

Both cars are assembled on a completely new platform, developed from the same base of the Polo and Fox (PQ24). "Incorporated innovations that will be present only in the future platform PQ25 of Volkswagen Group," explained Egon Feichter, vice president of Product Development of Volkswagen of Brazil.

One of the focuses of Engineering in the development of Voyage was to ensure the same excellent driveability New Gol, with the same standards of stability, performance and braking. The rear axle has been strengthened to ensure the model the same dynamic behaviour of "brother", which is best-in-class in its category. And so the ability to transport liquid cargo was 10% higher, reaching 440 kg.

With enhanced suspension, a modern platform's structural rigidity and great body, the Voyage also reached a set of wheels above the competitors. As a result, the model presents a dynamic behaviour very firm and precise, which sends the driver a good sense of security, stability and control.

Also on the brake, the car has a behaviour highlighted in its category. "He has a pressure-regulating valve in the rear brakes sensitive cargo, in order to get a better braking space for all kinds of loads of the vehicle," said Kai Hohmann, manager-Executive Development Vehicle / Chassis Engineering.

As the New Gol, the Voyage has the best performance category

The Voyage is equipped with brand new engines 1.0 VHT (Volkswagen High Torque) and 1.6 VHT family EA 111, which provide excellent performance and low fuel consumption, with high torque even at low rotation. The propeller of 1.0 litre is the same team who Fox and the New Gol. And the 1.6 litre engine is the same models of Golf, Polo, Polo Sedan, Fox and CrossFox, in addition to New Gol.

The VHT 1.0 is the engine for greater torque in the category: 10.6 kgfm (104 Nm) with alcohol and 9.7 kgfm (95 Nm) with gasoline, to 3850 rpm. The maximum output of 76 hp (alcohol) and 72 bhp (petrol) is achieved at only 5250 rpm, is also high ahead of the competition. With this propellant, the Voyage reaches maximum speeds of 168 km / h (alcohol) and 166 km / h (petrol) and accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 13.3 sec (alcohol) and 13.8 s (petrol ).

Already the maximum torque of the motor VHT 1.6 is 15.6 kgfm (153 Nm) with alcohol and 15.4 kgfm (151 Nm) with petrol, to 2,500 rpm. The maximum power, reached the 5250 rpm, is of 104 hp (alcohol) and 101 bhp (petrol). Equipped with the VHT 1.6, the Voyage reaches 193 km / h (alcohol) and 191 km / h (petrol) and comes out of inertia until the 100 km / h in 9.8 s (alcohol) and 10.1 s (petrol ).

The Voyage of the performance numbers are quite similar to levels achieved by New Gol and also position the model as the best in its class. Apart from using the same engines, the two models also use the same soft and precise manual exchange MQ 200, with equal division of marches.

Fuelled with gasoline, the consumption is 1.0 Voyage of 18.6 km / l on the road and 14.1 km / l in the city. The versions with 1.6 engines, also with gasoline, run 18.5 km / l on the road and 13.1 km / l in the city. The low consumption of fuel tank associated with the largest category with 55 litres, gives an excellent Voyage autonomy, far ahead of competition.

The difference in weight between the two cars - the Voyage is 35 kg heavier than the Gol - is offset by the fact that the former has a better coefficient of aerodynamic shape: 0.31 against 0.34. This is the second-executive manager of Powertrain Development of Volkswagen of Brazil, Joao Alvarez Filho, and a characteristic inherent in the body-type sedan, which does not generate much turbulence in its displacement as a body-shaped Hatch.


The Voyage is offered in four versions of finish: 1.0 Voyage, Voyage 1.6, and Trend 1.6 Voyage 1.6 Comfortline.

All versions offer items such as the serial driver's seat and front safety belts with height adjustment; control of internal mirrors, odometer and digital clock; console; stops sun umbrellas with mirror, the glove box with lid; headlamp with dual reflector; wheel rim 14; green glass; Defrosting of the rear window, rear head restraints; the trunk opening with full electrical, lighting and full lining, among many other features.

The sedan also has a brand new engine immobilizer Property 4, the most modern Volkswagen Group, which makes the theft of the car virtually impossible. The locks on the doors of the Voyage are protected and the cylinder of the key turns into false if forced on the outside, without breaking the mechanism.

In addition to these items, the Voyage version 1.6 of Trend series also comes with hydraulic steering, tachometer; key type knife and doors covered in fabric. The Comfortline version also adds electric windows and locks; antenna on roof, the signal amplifier and six loud speakers, steering column with adjustment of height and depth; of fog lamps, tire rim 15; brake light; network objects in door-door -bags; MUNI back and exclusive details of completion, among many other items.

Versatile, comprehensive and accessible, the Voyage offers the same diversity and multiplicity of options to choose the New Gol. You can, literally, fit the car as their needs and preferences, opting for an independent manner the comfort of air-conditioning; for the safety of airbags and ABS brakes (combined with hydraulic steering), the modernity of the MP3 player with Bluetooth or the interactivity of the I-System.

The Voyage 1.0, for example, unlike its main competitor, offers as an option ABS brakes and dual front air bag. It is the model in its segment that offers the most comprehensive number of options. With 1.0 engine, the sedan from Volkswagen offers 13 optional items to more than your competitor with a larger amount of optional.

Among the items unique to the Voyage, there are sound system with 6 Speakers; Keyless the alarm for all versions, the radio command to the wheel, the back seat with backrest bipartite; a new generation of radio / CD / MP3 players with the USB port, SD Card and Bluetooth communication system, and the interactive "I-System", which combines functions of on-board computer, configuration and display of information.

Voyage offers innovative navigation system,
integrated with I-System and the car's sound system

The Voyage enough to the market by offering its own line of accessories from the Volkswagen brand Tech, developed specially for the model with full warranty. These are items that can be added by the customer at the time of purchase when buying the vehicle within the network of Volkswagen dealerships.

The main innovation among the enhancements is the new Navigator Volkswagen Tech, which operates in an integrated manner to I-System and Bluetooth system to the sound of car via wireless connection (wireless). Through the I-System, the user sees directly into the dashboard the direction to be followed in transit, without the need to divert your eyes to the Navigator. At the same time, he communicates orally with the Navigator and receives guidance from the direction through the sound system of the vehicle, without the use of hands.

According to the manager of Volkswagen of Brazil Accessories, Decius Soares Martins, the equipment will be available also for new models Gol, Polo, Golf and Polo Sedan. "We want to give customers access to the Brazilian automotive world best technology in all segments of the market," he said.

The Navigator, as well as other accessories Volkswagen Tech, can be purchased along with the car and included in the funding of benefits within the exclusive Total Funding Volkswagen. The same can also embed other financing costs of acquisition and use of the car, such as documentation, licensing and insurance.

Voyage 1.0

Voyage Comfortline

Voyage Trend

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