Tuesday, 23 September 2014

World premiere of Volkswagen TRISTAR at the IAA 2014




•Concept car combines features of the current T model series, providing an outlook on future generations

 •20-inch display, video conferencing system and espresso machine

Hannover, 22 September 2014 – Multifunctional like a Swiss Army knife. Variable, reliable and an all-rounder: on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the first Syncro concept car, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles presents the TRISTAR, an unprecedented combination of all the good features of the current T model series. Its extreme off-road capability combined with flexible transport and storage capacities make the TRISTAR the perfect service, transport or surf mobile, at your choice.

Transporter of the future. On the occasion of this year’s IAA, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles presents a concept vehicle with the legendary name of TRISTAR. The beefy pick-up with extended cab, styling bar and short wheelbase has a permanent four-wheel drive with mechanical rear axle differential lock and 30 mm additional ground clearance. Fitting its name, the designers have developed a high-precision, new and yet familiar design language: the sharp, wrap-around lines, LED headlights and a changed architecture of the whole front give the concept car a powerful and wide appearance. The monolithic dashboard is reminiscent in its shape and simple functionality of the earlier models of the VW Transporter. The load can be distributed on two separate levels: there is a spacious, dust-proof and watertight drawer under the flatbed section, where a deep-tread spare tire is also housed. The interior has a 20-inch tablet table and state-of-the-art video conferencing and sound systems alongside the turnable and slidable driver and passenger seats, turning the TRISTAR into the perfect place for meetings. We even thought of having an espresso machine installed.

All-rounder for specialists. Its extreme off-road capability in combination with flexible transport and storage capacities make the TRISTAR into a mobile workshop, a mobile high-tech office or into a perfect surf mobile. Safe, high-quality and flexible, the new Volkswagen TRISTAR is a versatile tool for every user. Whether an architect, a film crew, service expert, landscape gardener or an expedition participant.

Benchmark of its class. Dr. Eckhard Scholz, Chairman of the Board of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, speaking at the world premiere: “The TRISTAR shows an unprecedented combination of all the good features of the T model series. It demonstrates its potential and proves it is still the ultimate benchmark. Hence the TRISTAR combines yesterday and tomorrow: On the occasion of the anniversary of the first Syncro concept car, its strikingly shows the company’s all-wheel drive expertise and demonstrates its future viability.” He continues: “We take the needs of our customers seriously and are continuing to develop our best-seller with great purpose. We are thus redefining the benchmark of the class with each and every new model.”

Facts overview

Name: Volkswagen TRISTAR

Character: Transporter of the future as all-rounder for specialists. The best for your business – whatever it may be.

Dimensions: Length 4.788 mm; width 2.320 mm; height 2,066 mm; (30 mm additional ground clearance)

Drivetrain: Permanent 4Motion all-wheel drive, mechanical rear axle differential lock

Alloywheels “Rocadura” 245/70 R17

Engines / power / gearbox: 2,0 l TDI 150 kW, 450 Nm 150 kW at 4000 1/min 450 Nm at 1400 1/min 7-speed DSG

Vmax 185 km/h 0 – 80 km/ h in 6,7 s 0 – 100 km/ h in 10,0 s


Friday, 29 August 2014

Shanghai Volkswagen reveal NMC as the Lamando

Shanghai Volkswagen have revealed the Lamando a couple of hours prior to the Chengdu Motor Show reveal. Lamando derived from the Chinese Ling Du and derived from the Spanish Mandar language meaning 'Leading and Inspiration'.
This is Shanghai Volkswagen's first MQB based model and Lamando will be powered by 1.4TSI and 2.0TSI (like the NMC concept) with DSG. More information and pictures will be posted as information comes to hand.


Source http://www.autohome.com.cn/news/201408/836987.html#pvareaid=102624 and http://www.autohome.com.cn/info/201408/837086.html

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Volkswagen Brazil reveal the 2015MY Fox

VW Brazil revealed a heavily revised Fox to counter competition from Brazilian competitors. The new Fox now comes available with ABS, EDL and two new EA211 derived engines which are flex fuel vehicles able to drive on ethanol or unleaded fuel. The below is a combination of three press releases translated by Bing.

New Fox is the first national car from Volkswagen to bring the evolution of world brand design
•New compact is more modern and imposing
•Front and rear of the model are totally new
•Wheels, Hubcaps and internal are original finish line Fox

First model made in Brazil developed from the inside out, the Fox was also the first Volkswagen to adopt global lines of style, in 2009. Now, on line 2015, the model becomes the first national car from Volkswagen to bring the evolution of world brand design.

"Is an evolution that values even more the design of the car. In General, the Fox is more mature, modern and imposing. There were about four years working on this project, which was based on three pillars: innovation, sophistication and quality ", explains the Director of Design and Package of Volkswagen of Brazil, Luiz Alberto Veiga.

The new Fox brings totally new front. Since the front doors (column "A"), all lines of style towards the front of the car are new. Hood, headlights, bumpers. Everything is new.

The most striking feature in front of the new Fox are the lighthouses, more inclined in relation to the previous model and that they adopt the tagline "squarer", similar to other Volkswagen models in the world. Now, a chrome horizontal line divides the entire front of the vehicle, surfacing to the bottom of the headlights, adopted also in feature new Golf.

Also the new air intake in the bumper, which happens to be "floating", i.e. clearly independent of other lines from the bottom of the bumper. To highlight this element of design, chrome items increased in the new Fox, especially when one looks at the Highline version. The frames in the fog lights are a good example. In addition to more refined appearance to the front view of the model, these frames give the impression of continuity of front grille.

Side view

Also remodelled, the side brings as main change the trim wheel boxes, which are now more evident. All alloy wheels and Hubcaps of the new Fox are new. There are five finishes for wheels: three types of shell-"Folk" and "Samba" by 15 inches, and "Blues" of 14 inches (this to the BlueMotion version)-and two alloy wheels (15 Indie "and" Tango "by 16").

Another change of style is in the frames of mirrors, which are larger and with new format. Another component that's more showy is the side crimping, which defines the area of incidence of the light on the bottom of the doors. The plates of doors bring more prominent lines, especially in the design of the New Fox.

The column "C", which lies between the rear door and the lid of the trunk, is completely new, not only because of the wheel box frames, but also by the new taillights. "Visually, the result is a car more well posted, with well-defined lines and sober-looking," says the Director of Design and Package of Volkswagen of Brazil.


As well as in front, all components of the back of the New Fox are new. What draws the most attention are the lanterns, which are larger in comparison to the previous model (and in horizontal position).

Following the same line adopted in higher segments, models like the new Golf, Jetta and Passat, for example, the new optical Assembly becomes double and split between the side of the vehicle and the lid of the trunk, keeping the default night visual signature brand in the world (Volkswagen Night Appearance). As a consequence, the lid of the trunk is also completely new to accommodate larger lanterns.

The rear fender is also new and passes the count with integrated reflectors at the bottom, which gives more sportiness to the model. In all versions the area that surrounds the retroreflector is painted black, giving the impression that the car is taller.

Centred on the rear of the car, the emblem deserves a separate chapter. The new Fox is counting on Easy Trunk, electric opening system of the rear cover by the Volkswagen logo, as already occurs in the CC and the Passat. In this way, simply press on the top of the logo to open the lid of the trunk.

Modern Interior and superior threads

The new Fox brings a more modern and sophisticated interior. All materials used are new or have been refined. The Panel, for example, is counting on a new plastic piece, smoother and most noble material. Now, all versions of Fox are the painted Panel, giving a more luxurious appearance to the model.

"Every detail has been studied within the Fox to meet as best as possible the needs of the occupants of the car. The driver oriented concept is even more clearly in the new Fox, which happens to use lighter shades on the inside. In addition, the client has available to more options and colour combinations of materials, and can configure the car the way and like it. The bid practice of finishes practically doubled compared to the previous model. Everything is more modern in New Fox ", says Luiz Alberto Veiga.

The instrument panel is new graphics and reinforces the lighting of white LEDs. Air vents are also new, with more uniform format and highlighted in relation to the rest of the Panel.
Each release brings a different cabin environment, the wheel to shades and materials used. Already in Trendline version, input, the Panel has a metallic aspect. The cloth that covers the interior is also new: Venice loom, more sober-looking Grey.

In the intermediate Comfortline configuration, there is more chrome items inside and the finish is differentiated. The tissue that cover the banks and the sides of the doors is also unheard of: Byron grey loom. The wheel series is the same Trendline version, but there is the option to equip the model with the same CC, with multifunction steering wheel commands from the on-board computer and sound systems and telephony.

The new Fox BlueMotion follows the brand's global philosophy to define versions that have energy efficiency as a major premise. The front grille brings unique visual, with a blue thread, as well as the unreleased caps (RIM 14 "). The tissue banks has unique costumes (knitting Maya blue) and the tag that identifies the nomenclature "BlueMotion" is unprecedented.

In Highline, top-of-the-line version, the entire environment is multifaceted. The Panel brings lighter tone of the series, however the customer has the option to leave the dark interior. The multifunctional steering wheel series is the same as the new Golf. In addition, the Fox Highline has wheel and put the shifter and parking brake leather coated with clear backstitches.

The inner lining is the exclusive knitting Zuma grey (light setting) and there are the options to cover the seats and door panels with the exclusive hosiery Zuma Hard grey (dark setting) or a new Native, which brings recordings similar to carbon fiber and a red sash, giving a visual still more superior to the interior of the new Fox Highline. On top of the line version the covers of pedals are aluminum and alloy wheels from 15 "" Indie "style are serial equipment.


More modern and sophisticated, New Fox hits the market with many innovations in all versions

•Is the model that offers more features and security technology in its segment
•Volkswagen's global nomenclature comes to the Fox range
•Unique items: foglamps with static conversion light, front parking sensors, stability control and navigation system
•Fox Highline brings the new engine 1.6 l MSI up to 120 HP and the new six-speed manual gearbox
•I-Motion transmission in Fox application 2 version WINS Highline management software, optimizing the electronic trading of March

More modern, attractive and sophisticated, the new Fox arrives as the vehicle with more technology and safety features of its segment. The model will be available in the next few days to more than 630 dealerships of Volkswagen. The novelty receives global nomenclature of Volkswagen to name their versions and six-speed manual exchange, becoming the first vehicle made by Volkswagen in Brazil to rely on this feature.

"The Fox has been completely developed in Brazil and inaugurated the compact segment with high ceiling. The model has become the reference in terms of versatility, ergonomics, inner space, safety and quality. Now, with new items of safety, comfort and technology, the new Fox should further strengthen the presence of the brand in the segment, "says the President of Volkswagen Brazil, Thomas Schmall.

The new Fox is offered in four settings (Trendline, Comfortline and Highline BlueMotion,), four engines (two 1.0 l and 1.6 l two MSI) and three transmission options (two manuals and an automated I-Motion). There are eight possible combinations. The new Fox brings the biggest offer of versions, engines and transmissions of the segment.

Another highlight is the arrival of the new engine 1.6 l MSI, EA211 family, on Fox. The new engine, which debuted on the lines of the 2015 Goal Rallye and the Sloop Cross, is available for the new Fox Highline. With up to 120 HP (ethanol), the new engine 1.6 l MSI complements the range of versions of Fox, which continues to rely on the renowned 1.6 l engine, up to 104 HP (ethanol), in versions Trendline and Comfortline.

In addition to the new engine 1.6 l 120 HP MSI, the new Fox Highline also has the option of automated transmission I-Motion with the version 2 of electronic management software application, which provides trading of March even more smooth and accurate.

 "Fox has always been an innovative model. And the 2015 model line brings in all versions, exclusive items in the segment. The cost-benefit ratio is also even more interesting, with more equipment as standard on all versions. The premiere of the new engine 1.6 l 120 MSI HP and the six-speed manual transmission enhances the character of sportsmanship of the model, "says the Director of Marketing for Volkswagen, Axel Schroeder.

Diversified portfolio

Trendline – excellent cost/benefit

Since the input version, the new Fox brings very equipment valued by customers. A novelty for the 2015 line is the direction with electric assistance, which, in addition to excellent comfort, brings as its main advantage over hydraulic assistance systems that require energy only when needed – namely, in curves or maneuver, for example. This translates into savings in fuel consumption, when compared with a steering system with hydraulic assistance, offered on Fox until then.

The list of items of the new Fox series Trendline account, yet, with front glass with electrically operated, central locking, height-adjustable steering column and distance, key Pocket knife, six speakers, ceiling antenna and dual headlights.

There are two options of New Fox Trendline, which always brings the five-speed manual gearbox. With 1.0 engine TEC (technology for fuel economy), the new Fox develops power 76 HP and 10.6 kgfm of torque, when fuelled with ethanol (E100), and 72 HP and 9.7 kgfm with gasoline (E22). With the MSI 1.6 engine, the new Fox develops 104 BHP power and torque kgfm, 15.6 when fueled with ethanol (E100), and 101 HP and 15.4 kgfm with gasoline (E22).

BlueMotion-Sustainable Mobility

Offered with the new 1.0 l three-cylinder engine, the EA211 family, and five-speed manual transmission, the new Fox 1.0 l BlueMotion is based on the Trendline version, but with visual external and internal exclusive. This release brings mechanical and aesthetic changes that contribute to the model reaches significant levels of fuel economy.

In its framework of instruments the new Fox 1.0 l BlueMotion brings series, in addition to the on-board computer, a graphic bar that indicates the instantaneous fuel consumption. The item helps the driver to drive more economically.

Another driver aid device for driving focused on economics is the digital indicator of exchange of gears. The driver receives information ideal gait being engaged through a numerical indicator and arrows that the drive to reduce or increase the March.

The aerodynamics of the Fox BlueMotion was developed and certified in the wind tunnel. Every detail, including the new designs of Hubcaps, was designed to minimize the aerodynamic drag. The upper front grille has differentiated format, with exclusive design with a blue fillet and opening more closely, which ensures efficient aerodynamics.

The new Fox BlueMotion has 75 BHP power 6,250 rpm, when fueled with gasoline, and of 82 HP to the same rotation, with ethanol. The torque is, respectively, 9.7 kgfm (gasoline) and 10.4 kgfm (ethanol), and occurs from 3000 rpm and stays for long strip of rotations.

Comfortline – differentiated Content

Available in the same Trendline version engines options, the new Fox Comfortline, intermediate version, is what offers the greatest possibility of settings on Fox. There are three options for New Fox Comfortline: 1.0 l stick, 1.6 l MSI stick and 1.6 l MSI with transmission I-Motion, which performs the reverse exchanges automatically.

In addition to the items of series of models already version Comfortline, Trendline leaves factory with sound system (RCD 320 g), full electric Pack (front and rear glass with electrically operated and electrical side rear-view mirrors adjustment), rear-view mirrors with integrated direction indicator lamp and on-board computer.

Also part of the list of the new Fox series Comfortline headlights and fog lantern, lighting in the trunk, glove compartment and on the Sun (on both sides and with mirrors), covers of rear-view mirrors, door handles and side mouldings painted in body colour and distinctive design of Hubcaps rim 15 ".

It is worth noting that when the new Fox Comfortline is equipped with electric adjustment of the side mirrors, the model is always count with the tilt system down, Fox's unique technology in its category. This feature automatically adjusts the rear view mirror on the passenger's side, pointing to the curb whenever reverse gear is engaged. To disengage the reverse gear, the mirror returns exactly to the position that was set previously. The tilt down even lets the driver adjust how you want the mirror to be demoted to be fired, improving the field of view of the curb.

Among the new features in the list of optional static conversion lights in the headlights of the mist ("cornering lights"), a new feature in the segment of Fox. Available now from the new Fox Comfortline 1.6, this system triggers the fog light, illuminating the path in hairpin turns and low speeds.

Also in version Comfortline 1.6 l engine there is, still, the optional cruise speed controller. This equipment is a novelty in new Fox line.

Inside, the new Fox Comfortline also differs, with tissue banks and finish unique to this version. Among the unpublished intermediate version optional, stands out the nearest sensor rear and front obstacles (unique item in the segment).

Another novelty is that sunroof and inner lining in Native – before only offered at Fox's top of the line – are now available for the intermediate version equipped with the 1.6 engine.

In the offer of optional from version Comfortline, highlights also include the package "Urban", which makes it even more complete version include the following facilities: air conditioning, I-System, alarm "keyless" with remote control in the key, alloy wheels of 15 ", obstacle approach sensor front and rear, sliding rear seat with 3 headrests, sobretapetes in carpet and leather coated multifunction steering wheel.

Highline – refined and innovative

Top of the line version and what brings technology items, the new Fox Highline arrives full of innovations, among them are the new engine 1.6 120 HP, MSI EA211 family, and the unprecedented six-speed manual gearbox, which takes even more engine efficiency, providing greater fuel economy and, at the same time, a sports driving.

As series items, the Fox Highline account – in addition to items from version Comfortline – with multifunctional leather coated steering wheel, air conditioning, I-System with 3 sliding rear seat head restraints, obstacle approach sensor front and rear (exclusively in thread), darkened taillights, dual tip exhaust, sports and Crankset alloy wheels of 15 inch.

In addition to these items, the top-of-the-line version wins even more chrome items. Friezes of front bumper grills, frames of the fog lamps and side friezes are chromed in 2015 line, which gives the model a more differentiated and refined appearance.

Speaking of refinement, the interior of the Fox Highline deserves special attention. The steering wheel, for example, is unique: top-of-the-line model has different finishing, with glossy black accents and leather jacket. With the new global language of style, the steering wheel is similar to that of the new Golf Highline, offering intuitive commands of sound systems and telephony, as well as the on-board computer.

Also part of the interior carpet front and rear sobretapetes with fixing on the floor and the interior option with clearer tone. Among the optional, featured for wheel 16 inch light alloy with tyres 195/50, offered for the first time in the history of Fox.

Another new feature on Fox is the possibility to equip the Highline version with the Radio Navigator RNS 315, the same as the Passat line team, CC and Tiguan. The RNS315, actually, is a multimedia central, because it has a touchscreen of 5.5 inches, integrated Bluetooth system, AM/FM receiver with RDS, CD Player with MP3 and WMA and audio auxiliary input. Also has a slot for SD-cards, which can reproduce maps for navigation or music files in MP3 format, for example.

Technology and State-of-the-art security

The Fox Highline brings the option of electronic stability control systems (ESC, Electronic Stability Control), an important safety feature. The system recognizes an early stage that a shooting situation critique this to happen. Compares the driver's commands with the reactions of the vehicle to this command. If necessary, the system reduces engine torque, brake one or more wheels until it reaches the condition of stability.

The ESC brings other electronic resources of assistance for the vehicle, as EDS - electronic differential Lock. In low traction situation in one of the drive wheels, differential electronic lock activates the wheel brake with less traction, transferring torque to the wheel with more traction, thus providing better efficiency outside the vehicle. This "intelligent pull" system works automatically, without requiring the driver to press a button on the dashboard. In addition, the system operates in curves and at speeds up to 80 km/h.

There's still the HHC (Hill Hold Control) or control starting assistance on ramp. In uphill above 5%, the system keeps the vehicle braked for up to 2 seconds after the driver ease the brake pedal. The brakes are released gradually during acceleration, allowing the departure of the vehicle with more comfort and ease on ramps.

The Fox Highline when equipped with ESC brings an innovation in the brake system, the HBA, or BAS (Brake Assist System or braking assistance system). The ABS and ESC module recognizes, through the speed and strength of the brake pedal, it is a condition of emergency braking. At this point, the system increases the pressure in the hydraulic circuit and the strength of action of the brake calipers, seeking the ideal condition of operation of the ABS to reduce the braking space.
There is also the ASR – traction control. The system assists the driver to start or accelerate the vehicle on a low floor grip, thanks to a series of sensors and an electronic central. The system operates by managing the driving torque and braking wheel individual who destraciona, aiding in the tyre grip in any condition of use.

New accessories at competitive prices

The new Fox also has news among the accessories. Are 24 News designed specifically for the Volkswagen model, which passes the count with 78 equipment options "extras" available at dealerships of the brand.

"Differentiated key covers, stickers, unpublished, new bike holders, magazine covers steering wheel ... There is a wide range of customization features available to the client. And more: increasingly Volkswagen has worked to make the price of their accessories even more competitive, "says Product Manager, Decius Martins.

Tested and approved by Volkswagen original accessories of the brand have one year warranty. The new Fox has three-year warranty for the complete vehicle.


New Volkswagen Fox brings innovative technological resources in the segment

•Electronic controls and traction stability confer greater security in all shooting conditions
•Foglamps with static conversion light assist driving at low speed
•Starting ramp control (hill hold) increases comfort and safety
•New engine 1.6 l MSI, EA211 family, up to 120 cv ensures sporting performance
•New six-speed manual gearbox combines performance and fuel economy
•I-Motion transmission provides smooth and accurate exchanges with version 2 of the electronic management software application
•New steering system with electric assistance is as standard for all versions
•Luggage space ranges from 270 to 1,016 liters
•New system "easy trunk", which enables the opening of the trunk through the Volkswagen emblem (tipping)

The new Fox brings a series of technological innovations for your segment. In addition, the model manufactured in São José dos Pinhais (PR) now offers even more security features and comfort items that are commonly found in vehicles of categories above.

Model 2015 line marks the debut of a series of innovations to the Fox, like fog lamps with static conversion light (cornering light), electronic stability control (ESC), traction control (TC and ASR), six-speed manual gearbox (MQ200-6F), new engine 1.6 l MSI up to 120 HP (family EA211), I-Motion transmission with version 2 of the electronic management software application, among others.

Technology and security of superior threads

ESC-electronic stability Control – the new Fox can be fitted on top of the line version Highline with electronic stability control systems (ESC). The system recognizes an early stage that a shooting situation critique that to happen. Compares the driver's commands with the reactions of the vehicle to this command. If necessary, the system reduces engine torque and brake one or more wheels until it reaches the condition of stability.

ASR -traction control-the system assists the driver to start or accelerate the vehicle on a low floor grip, thanks to a series of sensors and an electronic central. The system operates by managing the driving torque and braking wheel individual who destraciona, aiding in the tyre grip in any condition of use.

TC (M-ABS) – the Traction Control or traction control has the function of reducing the slipping of the wheels during acceleration or when the vehicle starts to destracionar, in sharp curves, controlling electronically the motor torque. The TC (M-ABS) is available as standard for the new Fox Highline.

EDS -electronic differential Lock-In trails or in low traction situation in one of the drive wheels, differential electronic lock activates the wheel brake with less traction, transferring torque to the wheel with more traction, thus providing better efficiency outside the vehicle. This "intelligent pull" system works automatically, without requiring the driver to press a button on the dashboard. In addition, the system operates in curves and at speeds up to 80 km/h.

HHC (Hill Hold Control) or control starting assistance – ramping uphill above 5% In, the system keeps the vehicle braked for up to 2 seconds after the driver ease the brake pedal. The brakes are released gradually during acceleration, allowing the departure of the vehicle with more comfort and tranquility on ramps.

HBA – additional function of the ESC system, the BAS (Brake Assist System or braking assistance system) is another new feature on Fox. The ABS and ESC module recognizes, through the speed and strength of the brake pedal, it is a condition of emergency braking. At this point, the system increases the pressure in the hydraulic circuit and the strength of action of the brake calipers, seeking the ideal condition of operation of the ABS to reduce the braking space.

Most advanced braking system – the new Fox Highline has disc brakes on the front wheels with 280 mm diameter. In addition to being more efficient, this system gives more comfort for the driver, once the new brakes require 15% less force to accomplish the same deceleration. This system brings greater resistance to fading effect (loss of efficiency caused by heating after successive braking), which shows an excellent thermal behaviour.

All versions of the new Fox are equipped with one of the most modern ABS systems category. That's because, in addition to avoid locking the wheels in sudden braking, the brake system is composed of other security features, such as EBD (electronic brake force distribution) and ESS (Emergency Stop Signal or sign of emergency braking), inherited from the German market more sophisticated vehicles.

The EBD system electronically distributes the braking forces between the front and rear axles, ensuring stability and security. Already the ESS, unique in the segment, serves as a warning to avoid rear-end collisions. If the driver press the brake pedal sharply while maintaining a more consistent braking, the system triggers the braking lights intermittently on the frequency of 3 Hz. after the braking, with the vehicle stationary, the brake lights stop flashing and the ESS triggers lights turn signals at the frequency of 1, 25 Hz, indicating that the vehicle is stopped.

There's still the MSR system or control of the Motor Brake Effect), which prevents slipping of the wheels in low-friction flooring due to the effect of the engine brake. This system operates when the driver releases the gas pedal and gear reductions, increasing the torque through the electronic throttle control.

Another feature in the new Fox is the GMA (the Control Moment gyro), which decreases the possibility of turning the vehicle on floor with different levels of attrition. The system also provides different braking forces at the time of deceleration until the rotation of the wheels is equalized.

Four versions, four engines, three transmissions

The new Fox is offered in three configurations of Exchange and four Powertrain options. All mechanical sets rely on specific calibration to meet as best as possible to the proposal from the version in which they are applied.

New engine 1.6 l MSI

Produced in São Carlos, in São Paulo, the new engine 1.6 l MSI, EA211 family, has been developed according to criteria of greater energy efficiency and increased performance. That's why we decided to by setting the four cylinders and 16 valves (4 valves per cylinder). He arrives at Fox line to the top of the line version Highline.

With 1,598 cm³ of engine capacity and installed in a transverse position, the new engine 1.6 l Total Flex, MSI is able to run on gasoline, ethanol or a mixture of the two fuels in any proportion. Its maximum output is 120 HP (88 kW) at 5,750 rpm, when fuelled with ethanol (E100), and 110 HP (81 kW) to the same rotation, with gasoline (E22).

The maximum torque is 16.8 kgfm (165 Nm) with ethanol and 15.8 kgfm (155 Nm) with gasoline, both to 4,000 rpm. Already from 2,000 rpm more than 85% of the maximum torque is available. This wide range of torque distribution improves performance in low arrangements (for example, in town) and gives great impetus to resume speed.

The new engine 1.6 l MSI has block and cylinder head made of aluminium, which is working to reduce the weight of the set. With four valves per cylinder, two for admission and two for exhaust, the engine has double valve integrated into the lid with intake variable command.
Another innovative solution adopted in the new 1.6 l engine MSI is the double cooling circuit, which allows different temperatures for the block and the head – the system uses two thermostatic valves. The exhaust manifold forms a single piece with the nozzle.

Evolution of the system introduced in Brazil as a pioneer by Volkswagen in the Polo E-Flex, in 2009, the heated cold starting system, which dispenses with the use of auxiliary fuel tank for gasoline is another highlight on this motor.

With all these innovations, the new Fox Highline, when fuelled with ethanol, accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 9.8 seconds and reaches a maximum speed of 189 mph. With gasoline are 10.3 seconds for the acceleration of 0 to 100 km/h and 183 km/h maximum speed.

New six-speed manual transmission

In addition to the new engine, the new Fox Highline brings the unprecedented six-speed manual transmission, making it the first Volkswagen model produced in Brazil with this feature and unique within the segment. Developed on the basis of the five-speed manual gearbox MQ200-5F (renowned for its precision of operation), the new six-speed transmission (MQ200-6F) is just 4.2 inches larger and has 3.2 kg more than the MQ200-5F, which has 33.5 kg.

The new transmission brings new primary and secondary shafts to receive the additional pair of gears of the sixth gear. In turn, it was necessary to develop a specific project for the Synchronizer of the fifth and sixth gears.

Having as main goals the performance, fuel economy and excellence in operation, the new six-speed manual gearbox maintains relations of 1st to 5th MQ200-5F transmission gears, but with the differential ratio shorter (4.188 from: 1 to 4.357: 1).

Thus, the maximum speed of the New Fox Highline with the six-speed manual transmission is achieved in fifth gear, causing the sixth gear works as an "overdrive", favoring the comfort and fuel consumption, since the engine works at lower revs and more quiet shooting.

I-Motion transmission with softer still exchanges

The new Fox Highline also has the option of automated transmission I-Motion. This transmission received 2 version of electronic management software application, which provides trading of March even more smooth and accurate.

At the time of automatic exchange of gears in D (Drive), in tenths of a second, the system reduces gradually (in a dish) the engine torque, which returns as soon as the next gear is engaged. This feature provides greater comfort in running exchanges in all conditions of use of the vehicle.
In addition to the trade in March automatically, the transmission I-Motion of the new Fox Highline still allows manual exchanges in sequential mode, powered through the gauntlet of Exchange or by paddle shifts installed behind the wheel all-in-one (the same used for the new Golf). In this way, the driver can drive more sports, taking advantage of all the power and torque of the new engine 1.6 l MSI.

In addition, in the version I-Motion, the starting motor is assisted, which means that it is not necessary to maintain the key thrown to process – just a light touch on the key to the ECU (Electronic engine control unit) running the whole process started. As a prerequisite, the driver must wait for the indication of the instrument combined to perform this procedure.
Is also featured in this broadcast the "Abort Upshift", specific mapping for the new engine 1.6 l MSI. This is: the system identifies as best as possible the timing of a resumption of speed and aborts, for example, the switch to a higher gear, keeping the engine speed raised to provide more torque and power for an override. This feature is a result of the new strategy of communication between the ECU and the TCU (Transmission electronic control unit).

Premium vehicle acoustics

The new Fox is equipped with exhaust system completely made of stainless steel, with a decoupling between the first and the second catalyst, providing lower level of vibration and high durability to the system. Complement the two-element set silencers, being the 6.75 litre volume front and rear, 13.5 litres. This volumetric capacity brings us an excellent attenuation weighted noise level of the exhaust. This set of exhaust has a dual output, which provides a sound quality with "sports timbre" to the new Fox Highline.

Another important feature of the new acoustic Fox is the pendulum coxinização system, i.e. the weight of the Powertrain is supported by hydraulic engine cushion and cushion of the transmission (dry). In addition, the system has a torque restrictor, which controls longitudinal movement (relative to the vehicle) engine. The advantage of this pendulum system of coxinização is to offer high acoustic performance, provided more comfort while driving.

New engine 1.0 l three-cylinder

The new Fox BlueMotion is equipped with the award-winning three-cylinder 1.0 l engine, the EA211 family. He has power of 75 PS (55 kW) at 6,250 rpm, when fueled with gasoline, and of 82 HP (60 kW) to the same rotation, with ethanol. The torque is, respectively, 9.7 kgfm (gasoline) and 10.4 kgfm (ethanol), and occurs from 3,000 rpm and stays for long strip of rotations. Already from 2,000 rpm more than 85% of the maximum torque is available.

The three-cylinder 1.0 l engine was the big winner of the 47th Edition of the awards "Car of the year", promoted by Autoesporte Magazine, Editora Globo. The jury comprised of 16 journalists and seven engineers invited by magazine elected the EA211 1.0 l three-cylinder engine as the "engine of the year to 2.0 l and the Fox 1.0 l BlueMotion the" green car of the year 2014 ".

With the same concept of building the new 1.6 l engine MSI, the propellant three-cylinder BlueMotion new Fox's main advantages low weight, the higher thermal efficiency, the application of innovative solutions and unseen in this capacity range and low friction, resulting in reduced fuel consumption and emissions. In addition, the performance is also improved, thanks to the use of features like variable valve timing, which ensures more power at low rpms.

Having with principle sustainable mobility, the new BlueMotion Fox brings relations marches more elongated compared to other models of 1.0 line Fox and "green" tires (low rolling resistance) in 175/70 measures of 14 inches for greater fuel economy.

That without giving up performance: acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h is done in 13.6 seconds (ethanol) and 13.9 seconds (petrol). The maximum speed is 167 mph and 165 km/h, respectively.

Engines 1.0 and 1.6 MSI TEC

The new Fox Trendline, input version, and New Fox Comfortline, intermediate configuration, can be equipped with engines 1.0 l TEC (up 76 HP) and 1.6 l MSI (up to 104 HP), both four-cylinder in line. The 1.0 l engine ECT has 999 cm³ of engine capacity and two valves per cylinder.

When is fueled with ethanol (E100), engine power 1.0 l TEC is 76 BHP (56 kW) at 5,250 rpm and torque is 10.6 kgfm (104 Nm) to 3,850 rpm. When is fueled with gasoline (E22), the power is of 72 BHP (53 kW) at 5,250 rpm and torque is 9.7 kgfm (95 Nm) to 3,850 rpm.

At sea level, the new Fox Trendline 1.0 l reaches 100 km/h in 15.4 seconds and records top speed of 158 km/h with ethanol. With gasoline, the acceleration to 100 km/h is accomplished in 16.1 seconds and the maximum speed reached 156 km/h.

The 1.6 l engine MSI, which recently received shares of friction reduction has 1,598 cm³ cylinder, in-line four cylinder, two valves per cylinder. The inlet and exhaust valves work in perfect harmony with the valve springs, whose load is adjusted to low and high engine rotation schemes.
Just as in the 1.0 l engine ECT, retainers, valves and control shaft crankshaft flange also contribute to the reduction of friction, keeping the prohibition of oil passage. This reduction of friction provides lower fuel consumption. With all these features, the new Fox 1.6 l engine with MSI features excellent performance and drivability.

With five-speed manual gearbox (MQ200-5F), the 1.6 model is able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 10.6 seconds (ethanol) and 10.9 s (petrol). The maximum speed is also noteworthy, with 183 km/h (ethanol) and 181 km/h (petrol). This motorisation can also be associated with automated transmission I-Motion, which performs the reverse exchanges automatically. With that Exchange, the maximum speed numbers are the same of manual configuration, the acceleration of 0 to 100 km/h is accomplished in 11.1 s (E100) and 11.4 s (E22).

A smart cab, unprecedented

Versatility has always been a hallmark of Fox (are 17 door-objects in the cabin). And also technology. All versions of the new Fox bring the function "welcome Cluster" – self-ignition of the lights of the central screen of the combined instrument (cluster). The LED lights on the instrument panel also remain lit during the day, further enhancing the visualization of the speedometer and the tachometer.

On the dashboard, the driver also has the digital indicator marches and Exchange system messages ECO Comfort, that guides (when the vehicle is equipped with I-System) the driver to drive more economically, through messages on the dashboard. This is the central information is displayed the nine functions of the on-board computer.

Another highlight is the new Fox is using the system "Easy drive", direction with electric assistance. This feature has as main advantage collaborate to fuel economy – Unlike hydraulic assistance systems, electric works only when there is demand.

Speaking of the direction, the new Fox offers foglamps with static conversion light feature that extends the lighted area in curves made in speed less than or equal to 40 km/h. whenever the headlamps are connected (high or low) and the arrow is thrown or spin the wheel, the fog light on the side corresponding to what the vehicle is turning is triggered automatically.
1,016 liter capacity

The slogan "Compact for the beholder. Giant who walks "presented at the launch of the Fox in 2003, wasn't created by accident. The model has 3.86 meters in length, 1.66 meter wide and 1.55 meter tall and can accommodate five adults comfortably. The space that offers to the head is something rare in a car with these dimensions: 995 mm are for those who occupy the front seats and 964 mm in the back seat, providing excellent space for occupants of greater stature.
Not to mention the modularity of the banks. The sliding rear seat, unique in the category, provides a gain of 83 litres volume of additional trunk (270 liters, with banks in the normal position, and may reach 353 liters, with the rear seat completely shifted in longitudinal). With the rear seat folded down and slid forward, up to the height of the door-package is 663 liters. In this same situation, but measuring up to the ceiling, the internal volume of the back of the cabin of the new Fox is 1,016 liters, an impressive capacity for a compact vehicle.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

  • High levels of equipment with 18-inch alloys and rear parking camera
  • Fitting tribute to six decades of Transporter success in the UK
  • Available in panel van and Kombi forms, SWB and LWB
  • Retail prices start from £29,940 (ex. VAT)
Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is celebrating 60 years of the Transporter in the UK with the launch of a new special edition model – the Sportline 60.

The new model replaces the current Sportline and is available in short and long wheelbase forms as either a Kombi or panel van. Distinguished from the rest of the range, the striking exterior features unique 18-inch five-spoke Anthracite alloy wheels, black steel side bars, gloss black door mirror covers and special decals, the Sportline 60 is one of the most stylish T5 Transporters ever offered.

Inside, the Sportline 60 is generously equipped.  Customers are treated to a host of premium creature comforts including an upgraded Kenwood sat-nav infotainment system which features smartphone mirroring functionality, DAB and Bluetooth connectivity. Front and rear parking sensors with camera also come as standard along with new quilted and embossed leather upholstery featuring a special Sportline 60 edition logo.

Also included in the standard specification are a front seat armrest; electrically adjustable and heated door mirrors, electric windows, ABS, climate air conditioning, remote central locking and stereo with CD player.

Like the model it replaces, the new Sportline 60 distinguishes itself from other vans on the road with a number of distinctive styling cues. At the front, colour-coded front bumper and lower spoiler combine with a chrome grille. At the rear a roof spoiler, a colour-coded bumper and unique Sportline 60 badging add to the distinctive look. Available in metallic Reflex Silver or Deep Black as standard. Candy White with a Deep Black roof is available as an option.

The Sportline 60’s purposeful appearance is matched by the power that drives it. Thisspecial anniversary modelcomes with Volkswagen’s top of the range 2.0-litre BiTDI 180 PS engine, offering up to 400 Nm of torque.  Customers can choose between a six-speed manual or seven-speed DSG gearbox. Retail prices start from £29,940 (ex. VAT) for the manual transmission (short wheelbase) and rise to £34,170 (ex. VAT) for the DSG transmission (long wheelbase).
First sold officially in the UK in 1954, the Transporter range has formed the backbone of  the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles range for six successful decades. Over the years, the Transporter has helped millions of owners build businesses and fulfil dreams. From globetrotters to gardeners, the Transporter has become the default choice for many generations. And while the Transporter has evolved dramatically during that time – through five generations – the philosophy and vision that created the original still holds true.

To date, more than 300,000 Transporters have been sold in the UK, with 18,350 sold in 2013 alone. The current Transporter range is one of the broadest in the commercial vehicle sector and comprises of panel van, Kombi, Shuttle, Caravelle and California variants.

Sportline 60 specification
  • 18-inch Sportline five-spoke alloy wheels finished in Anthracite or Black/Silver and with 255/45 R18 103 tyres. Includes Tyre Mobility System
  • Available in Brilliant Silver or Bi-colour finish
  • Body-coloured bumpers and door handles
  • Gloss black door mirror covers with Sportline logo
  • Front spoiler
  • Gloss black upper and lower front grille with chrome detailing
  • Headlights with interior chrome detailing
  • Darkened rear light clusters
  • Black steel side bars
  • Rear roof spoiler
  • Sportline exterior badge
  • Quilted, embossed leather upholstery with Sportline logo
  • Front carpet floor mats with Sportline logo
  • Leather-covered steering wheel and gearknob
  • Armrests on driver’s seat
  • Climatic semi-automatic air-conditioning for cab
  • Kenwood DAB Multimedia System, with 7” colour touchscreen, full European Garmin satellite-navigation with real-time traffic information, built-in Bluetooth® phone connectivity. DAB radio and single CD with DVD playback
  • Full iPod or iPhone connectivity with an optional lead
  • Trip computer with multi-function display
  • Front and rear parking sensors with rear parking camera
  • Front fog lights with cornering light function
  • Thatcham Category 1 – approved alarm and immobilizer with tow-away, perimeter and interior cab protection

Friday, 4 July 2014

World premiere of the new Volkswagen Passat

New benchmark: the eighth generation of the world-wide best-seller features superior design, economical engines and state-of-the-art technologies

The impressive Volkswagen Design Centre in Potsdam served as the ideal setting for the world premiere of a world-wide best-seller: the new Passat. The most successful European business car makes its debut with new engines, less weight and not least with the latest assistance, Infotainment and convenience systems. The car melts away class boundaries.

"This Passat heralds in a new era: when it comes to design and proportions, engines and drive systems, Infotainment and assistance systems or when it is a matter of safety, convenience and driving pleasure," explained Prof. Dr. Martin Winterkorn, Chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen on the evening before 500 guests. The Group chief continued: "The new Passat gives the right answers to the major automotive trends of its time. For me this Passat is a premium class car without premium costs. This fits perfectly to Europe's most successful business car – lining up with 20 percent better fuel economy, up to 85 kilograms less weight and a range of efficient petrol and diesel engines – there is even a plug-in hybrid available."

All versions of the Passat belong to the most successful mid-size cars in the world and at 1.1 million units a year (2013) it is the Volkswagen Group's model series with the highest volume sold world-wide. To continue this success in the eighth generation, the new Passat is again offered in saloon and estate versions with a multitude of innovations. Thanks to cutting-edge design methods its proportions were made significantly more dynamic (including lower body, longer wheelbase and larger wheels). At the same time, the latest technologies have been applied. They include systems such as Active Info display (a fully digital instrument cluster), extendible head-up display as well as systems such as an app-based Rear Seat Entertainment for tablet computers, Front Assist plus City Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Monitoring and three more world firsts: Emergency Assist (vehicle stops in emergency), Trailer Assist (assisted manoeuvring with a trailer) and Traffic Jam Assist.

 The new Passat will be available with 10 direct injection turbocharged petrol and diesel engines covering a power range from 88 kW / 120 PS to 206 kW / 280 PS. The engines all meet Euro 6 emission standards and both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions were lowered by up to 20 percent. All versions are equipped with a stop-start system and a regenerative braking mode. For the first time, the Passat will also be offered with a plug-in hybrid drive (115 kW TSI petrol engine plus 80 kW electric motor and externally chargeable battery). With a system power output of 155 kW / 211 PS it will be Volkswagen's most powerful plug-in hybrid and a genuine zero emission vehicle as it has an all-electric range of 50 km.

Advance sales for the new Passat begin on Thursday, 10 July.

Passat sedan

Passat sedan

Passat sedan

Passat variant

Passat variant

Passat variant

Passat variant

Passat R Line variant

Passat R Line variant

Passat R Line sedan

Passat R Line sedan

Passat interior

Passat variant interior

Passat interior

New Passat Launch photo links for readers to flicker through below.
http://www.news-reporter.net/articles/4054 and http://www.dinside.no/929482/her-er-den-helt-nye-vw-passat#/  

The new Passat - World Premiere 2014 (Trailers)